Opulent One-Bedroom Apartments in Chula Vista

It never hurts to allow some extra luxuries in your life, to save up for that nice car you’ve had your eye on for several years, to indulge in the occasional sweet treat – even when you’re on a diet, or to give yourself that extra hour of sleep during the weekends. Here at Boardwalk at Millenia, all our luxury apartments allow you the freedom and comfort you need to feel right at home, from our cozy one-bedroom luxury models to our gigantic townhouses.

One of our one-bedroom luxury floor plans, the A3, combines simplicity and style in one 734 square feet apartment. It has ample amounts of room for a single resident to settle down, arrange their furnishings and décor, and still have enough space for morning meditations or evening get togethers with close friends. The...

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The Definitive Shopping Neighborhood in Otay Ranch

Everyone has a reason to shop: to find some new outfits to replenish your wardrobe after your old jeans rip or your heels break down, to see the newest fashions and styles for the season, to catch up on holiday and...

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A Luxury Apartment Community of Easy Errands in Chula Vista

Errands are a daily factor in everyone’s life: making sure to get to work on time, restocking on groceries that might be low back home, picking up the mail, paying bills, and so on. With so much to do and so little...

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Stunning Style at Our Chula Vista Otay Ranch Apartments

Half of what makes a home impressive to a visitor is through its presentation. The kind of décor set up throughout the living space, the amount of attention and care put into your displays – whether it’s your...

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An Exciting Escape Room Experience Close to Home

Escape rooms are the newest craze in entertainment, and it’s easy to see why: the best rooms allow full immersion into exciting out-of-this-world, it challenges your mind as you solve numerous thematic puzzles and...

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